Where We Live Matters


— Accretive Investments, Inc., August 15, 2012

Healthy living is a byproduct of access to bike and walkways along with farm fresh foods, reported San Diego County News Center, August 13, 2012.

The “Healthy Communities Atlas,” is an inspiring report released by local researchers and transportation planners to illustrate how our living environment directly impacts our health.

The report addresses the following topics: 

  • Is it easy to walk or ride a bike in the neighborhood?
  • Are there grocery stores that sell healthy foods, or convenience stores and fast food?
  • Do residents have access to health services?
  • Are the streets safe?
  • Is the air clean?
  • Are there parks where children can play?

Each target area is addressed in the report and in the proposed pedestrian oriented Lilac Hills Ranch community located in North San Diego County off Interstate 15 at Old Highway 395.      

Lilac Hills Ranch features a sustainable design approach that balances sophisticated technology and amenities with the natural environment to promote health and well-being for residents.  Plans, maps and renderings are now available to illustrate the pedestrian experience linking the community through a series of trails and pathways that connect neighborhoods to amenities such as park, school, ball fields, community center, Village Center shopping, dining and lifestyle services.

For details about the Lilac Hills Ranch Community Design Plan

— San Diego County News Center, August 13, 2012

Obesity is not just the result of what we eat. It can also be the result of where we live.

With obesity rates in the region and the nation continuing to increase, researchers and transportation planners have developed a series of maps that illustrate how the environment in which we live may be impacting our waistlines.






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