Lilac Hills Ranch to Help Save the Bonsall Golf Course

    — June 10, 2014


As a concerned and active business owner in the Bonsall community, we feel the purchase of Mitigation credits from Moosa Creek Mitigation Bank would not be in the best interest of the community. As do many in the area, we believe such a purchase will have adverse economic and cultural impacts on both existing and future Bonsall residents.

Our interests are closely aligned with those of the existing community residents. Lilac Hills Ranch is focused on both adding to and not detracting from all that makes the Bonsall community unique, as much for current residents as for our future home buyers. We want them all to have the opportunity to share in everything that gives Bonsall its distinct character.

We therefore commit to the Bonsall community that Lilac Hills Ranch will not purchase any Mitigation Credits from the Moosa Creek Mitigation Bank.

This letter was sent to Jon Frandell, Save the Downs -Signed by R. Randy Goodson, CEO, Lilac Hills Ranch, June 10, 2014




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