Working Together to Create Healthy Places

    —Published by Prevention Institute. Made available by Lilac Hills Ranch January 6, 2015


New attention and importance is being placed on the built environment and its significant impacts on creating healthy places and healthy people. The "built environment" encompasses places and spaces created or modified by people including buildings, parks, and transportation systems. The built environment is structured by land use rules, as well as by economics and design features. Research is increasingly demonstrating links between specific community factors, such as the availability of parks, accessibility of healthy and affordable produce, and the “walkability” of neighborhoods, and the choices people make in their daily lives.

Healthy people require healthy environments- neighborhoods, schools, childcare centers, and workplaces. People need their environments to be structured in ways that help them access healthy foods and easily incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Creating healthy environments cannot be done in isolation by any one organization or field. It requires coordinated and comprehensive efforts by multiple organizations, leaders, fields, and sectors.

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