eWaste: A Growing Problem


— Recycle San Diego, January 18, 2013

What is eWaste?

eWaste is any type of waste related to electronic devices ("electronics"), such as computers, TVs and cell phones. U.S. consumers produce about 3 million tons of eWaste every year. About 70% of the poisonous heavy metals in our landfills leach out of illegally dumped electronics.

A growing problem

Electronics quickly become obsolete, and owners replace them in order to upgrade. Few companies have the resources to recycle the vast amount of eWaste, which is expected to increase globally by about 500% within 10 years, especially in countries like India.

What to do about it

You can take simple steps to reduce your personal eWaste and increase awareness about its effects on our environment.

• One of the best ways to reduce your eWaste (and expenses!) is to stop trying to "keep up with the Joneses".

Upgrading for its own sake is ridiculous; there's a newer, better model every few months! Keeping devices until they can't do the job anymore can dramatically reduce eWaste.

• Donate your eWaste through community programs.

If the next new thing is just too hot to pass up but your old device is still usable, consider donating it to a recycler who manages donations for community organizations. Some send laptops to Third World countries, or cell phones to troops overseas. To learn about one very worthy program, click the link...

Recycle San Diego is accepting eWaste and rebuilding working units for injured troops.

• Can't re-use or repurpose your eWaste? Recycle it!

Companies worldwide not only recycle eWaste into usable products, but also deal with potentially toxic eWaste materials in environmentally responsible ways. So don't feel guilty about discarding that mobile phone or monitor from the '90s! If you're in San Diego County, we can handle your eWaste needs:


Reducing, reusing, and recycling electronics helps to control not only our landfills, but also the toxic chemicals and heavy metals that leach into our environment. Do your part!

P.S. If you're serious about recycling...

• Electronics Recycling
• Light Bulb Recycling
• Battery Recycling
• Hard Drive Destruction
• IT Asset Recovery
• Paper Shredding


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