Turn Black Friday Green and Discover the Upside of Outside!

    — Published by San Diego County News Center, November 20, 2015.
Republished by Lilac Hills Ranch, November 24, 2015.


What is green, growing, healthy, and rapidly adding value to real estate? Attendees of the ULI 2015 Fall Meeting in San Francisco learned that the answer to that question is locally grown food. From rooftop gardens, to edible landscaping, to farm-focused developments, to urban food markets, to breweries in once-derelict industrial spaces, food is transforming marginal real estate and underused spaces in new and dramatic ways.

County Parks and Recreation has declared Friday, Nov. 27 Green Friday to prompt families to spend more quality time together by discovering the “Upside of Outside.”

County Parks has 124 parks and preserves spread throughout the County with locations ranging from the beach to the valleys, the mountains to the desert. Altogether you’ll find more than 350 miles of trails, scenic vistas, numerous playgrounds, picnic tables galore, fountains, historic sites, lakes, creeks, ponds and more.

So if you’re a hiker, bicyclist, equestrian, walker, sightseer, birdwatcher, picnicker or all of those things, you’ll be sure to find a park that will fit the bill. You might even find a last-minute camping site!

“Sometimes we get so involved in our busy lives that we forget to step outside and appreciate all that nature has to offer,” said County Parks Director Brian Albright. “Green Friday is about enjoying the outdoors and creating memories with the family and friends you love most.”

Need some other great ideas for Green Friday? If you’re still ”stuffed” and want to work off some of those Thanksgiving feast calories, find out how to get Fit for Free at a County Park. Or are you a shutterbug (or want to be)? Enter the Paint Your Photo Stream “Green” for a chance to win prizes.

County Parks will be posting a number of Green Friday ideas through the end of the month. Check them out at Park’s Green Friday website and discover the Upside of Outside!

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