Water District approves water supply for Lilac Hills Ranch


— October 26, 2012

The Valley Center Municipal Water District approved the Lilac Hills Ranch Water Supply Assessment on October 15, 2012, stating “total water supplies available to the District during normal, single-dry, and multiple-dry years within the next 20-year projection and beyond will be sufficient to meet the projected water demand associated with the Proposed Development, in addition to existing and planned future uses of the District, including, but not limited to agricultural and manufacturing uses.”

Through sustainable design measures, Lilac Hills Ranch was able to reduce the projected per capita water demand to 258 gallons per person, per day, compared to the District’s projected per capita water demand of 850 gallons per person, per day.  The combined water conservation measures reduce the overall estimated water consumption for Lilac Hills Ranch and result in “No Net Increase” in water consumption of the completed community over pre-development, or existing, conditions.

Randy Goodson, CEO of Lilac Hills Ranch, commented that, “This approval demonstrates and verifies that the District will have sufficient water supplies to meet the needs of the Lilac Hills Ranch community without impact to its existing customers”.

Lilac Hills Ranch plans to implement cutting edge green technologies to further promote sustainability above and beyond existing communities.  Jon Rilling, Vice-President of Lilac Hills Ranch, explains “Lilac Hills Ranch will be able to use less water than what is currently being used on the property today because the community will recycle the wastewater and apply it to common areas, parks, landscaping and the 50-acres of agriculture retained throughout the project.”

Approved Water Resolution

Water Supply Assessment and Verification Report for the Lilac Hills Ranch Project






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