Robots to be A Part Of Lilac Hills Ranch

    — Published by San Diego 6 CW, October 1, 2015. Republished by Lilac Hills Ranch, October 2, 2015.


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SAN DIEGO — It’s all happening in a new high-tech neighborhood of Lilac Hills Ranch. It’s the first of its kind in the nation.

Robots could soon mow your grass, carry your groceries, walk your kid to school, even be your designated driver. “Let’s say a single, female is jogging, she can call up a trail companion to make sure she's safe,” Randy Goodson, CEO of Accretive Investments.

Residents will use a Smartphone app, like Uber. In about five minutes, a robot will be waiting for you on the sidewalk. “If you've walked somewhere, you don't have to walk back,” Goodson said.

This smart city infrastructure will force you to stay local, but let’s say you walk to dinner, then it gets dark, well then you can be picked up for the ride home.

The goal is to create healthy neighborhoods that promote walking. “Can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Congestion? I say yes,” David Bruemmer, CEO of 5D Robotics said. 5D Robotics already uses this technology on the battlefield, now it will go into the street lights, and the bots will be programmed to stay on a designated route.

I asked, won’t these robots be taking jobs from real people? They told me they're providing a technology that allows humans to do what humans do best. “People will stop having to do manual labor, increase their productivity, then we’ll be able to create new jobs and they'll be able to become something like robot supervisors!” Bruemmer said.

Right now, the developer who has this dream is paying for this high tech infrastructure, and then when people move into the community in 2017, the home owner’s association fees will take over the responsibility of maintaining the bots.

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