The Livability Economy
 Livable Communities bring financial benefits to
 homeowners, business and local governments

    — Published by AARP, September2015. Republished by Lilac Hills Ranch, October 8, 2015.


Livable Communities provide a host of advantages that enhance the quality of life of residents, the economic prospects of businesses and the bottom lines of local governments.

The Livability Economy: People Places, and Prosperity, a report from AARP Livable Communities, shows how livability initiatives contribute to improved economic performance and a more vibrant, desirable and competitive environment for housing and commercial investment. The report's framework focuses on design factors that feature the following livability outcomes that benefit older adults and people of all ages:

1. COMPACTNESS helps make a community walkable, decreases automobile dependence and supports a socially vibrant public realm.

2. INTEGRATION OF LAND USES helps older adults live closer to or within walking distance of work, community activities and the services they need.

3. HOUSING DIVERSITY helps ensure that appropriate housing is available for each stage of life.

4. TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS help older adults remain independent, mobile and engaged in their surrounding community.

To learn more, download the complete 28-page Livability Economy report and the “Livable Communities are Good for People and Business” infographic (pictured below).

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