Southern California Trade Association


RE:  December 17, 2010 San Diego County Planning Commission Hearing for PAA, Accretive Investments, Inc.

Letter in support of the Valley Center Sustainable Community

Dear Mr. Brooks:
The Southern California Trades Association is pleased to pledge our support to Accretive Group in their efforts to entitle and develop the I-15 Sustainable Farming Community. As an assemblage of over 50 firms of experienced, responsible and community minded building industry professionals, the Southern California Trades Association embraces “Smart Growth” projects such as this that consider the environment, adjacency to existing infrastructure, and SB 375 compliant planning, while providing needed employment opportunities to our industry.

The SCTA endorses the Valley Center Sustainable Community project and we ask that you vote in favor of approval of the PAA.

  • The Building Industry needs help to get through these troubled times and what better way to help the industry than to allow new developments to spend money in the local economy by studying new projects and hiring local tradesmen, contractors and builders.
  • The Accretive Project will create 1,166 temporary jobs and 619 permanent jobs in San Diego.
  • The County has an obligation to plan for its fair share of housing.
  • The only way we’re going to see development, is by encouraging projects by people with successful track records who will pursue community planning with healthy living in mind.
  • Please approve the PAA request to allow Accretive to begin its study so the building industry and the local economy can benefit from new job creation and economic stimulus. 

Spencer Ford, President




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